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Oscar Coward, Jr Avatar

Former Marine

From Father to Son

Posted By: Oscar Coward, Jr 02-28-11


I am a proud Marine of 21 1/2 years of service. This morning I felt compelled to share my story. As I am writing this story my son is in recruit training. I can't explain the pride I feel as each day passes in his journey to earn the title "MARINE". When my son made this decision, I wanted him to understand that it was not going to be easy. I explained to him that there will be some bad days and then there are the worse days but if you endure you will earn the title and become a part of a band of brothers and sisters that will forever be your family. I was in recruit training in 1983, if someone had told me that in 2011 my son would be traveling the same path I did I would have never believed it. I also trained in the 1st Bn.

I am proud and humbled and I will be honored when my son is marching on that parade deck in April. Taking his place on the wall with those whom have come before him since 1775. Graduation day will be an emotional day for me, but also the happiest day of my life. For those Marines who have had the same honor that I will experience, I say thank you and I know you understand.


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Sheila Duncan Avatar


Your post made me very emotional. My son left for boot camp on 2/6/11. We are all so very proud of our children and the path that they have choosen. Prayers are being sent your way. Semper Fi!

Posted by: Sheila Duncan on 03/03/2011




Oscar Coward, Jr Avatar

Former Marine

Thank you Ms. Duncan. Just know that when your Son, like my Son completes the the process, They will become part of this Marine Corp family that will forever stand with them. Welcome to the family

Semper Fi!!

Posted by: Oscar Coward, Jr on 03/03/2011