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Our Son Off to Boot Camp

Posted By: Pop & Mom Ortiz 01-19-11

Our beautiful son, Joseph, headed out to boot camp yesterday, we're so proud of him. It was hard watching him leave after his swearing in but we have faith he will be fine. For us it was the phone call from him as he arrived in Parris Island last night that was sad. The tone in his voice & the loud noises in the background/yelling made us sad...but we know he's ok. May the lord watch over him & keep him safe

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Pop & Mom Ortiz Avatar


Thanks Mike & Marlyn, I appreciate it...we received 2 letters from him so far so that is AWESOME!!! It was so funny because I was right when I said I could hear it in his voice he was scared/sad. He said when he first got there he was like "what did I get myself into". But he said he is staying positive & learning a lot.

Posted by: Pop & Mom Ortiz on 02/02/2011




Mike DeFuria Avatar


Mr and Mrs Ortiz:

I'm with you, my son Travis, just left today. We are so proud of him! It was a day mixed with several emotions! Seemed like yesterday he was born. I'm waiting for the phone call tomorrow night! Best of luck to your family as well to Joseph!

Posted by: Mike DeFuria on 01/23/2011




Marlyn  Ramirez Avatar


Hi Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz. I know exactly how you feel. My son left Dec. 12 of 2010 and that arrival call was hard to listen to. I could not get a word in and my son sounded so dry and stressed. sadness came over me as soon as I realized that was the call I was looking forward to. Your son will be just fine. Believe me, the best thing you can do is put him in God's hands and let your son you think about him daily by writing to him as much as you can as soon as you get his address. God bless our sons and all their fellow recruits.

Posted by: Marlyn Ramirez on 01/23/2011