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Recruit Mom PTL 3021 CO L

Posted By: Cindy DeVore 01-07-11

My two sons have just now went through their fourth week at Boot. Received letters from both of them today and wow what a difference. They sound a lot more adjusted then when I received their first letters. My letters included how they are becoming a family. How much stronger they are and how much they are learning. They even say the food is good. As a mom these letters have put me more at ease. I'm so very proud of them as I always have been but this is different. They are taking a lot of pride in what they are doing. I'm still holding on for March 11 when I can put my arms around them and see what men they have become.

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Marissa worrix Avatar


When did you get their first letters?

Posted by: Marissa worrix on 01/18/2011




George Shealy Avatar


My son is in 2nd RTBN Fox Co. 2012 and I understand what you are saying. He seems to have grown up so much in the 6 weeks that he has been there and is getting ready for the crucible. He is due to graduate on the 28th of January and has already said how he is thinking about making it a career. I know that I can not wait for the day he graduates just to see the changes in him.

Posted by: George Shealy on 01/17/2011






Great for you Mom, My son left 01/03//11, I have not received a letter as yet and I am getting worried. How long after did you receive the first letter and phone call.
God Bless

Posted by: CECELIA AUTAR on 01/13/2011