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Educator’s Workshop: A Series About What Happens at Recruit Training

Posted By: Rebecca Cullers 12-17-10


My feet on the iconic footprints at Parris Island.

The USMC Educator’s Workshop is a four-day experience designed to give educators and influencers a more accurate picture of Marine Corps life and what it takes to earn the title. My co-workers and I recently attended one of these workshops along with educators from Portsmouth, NH and Harrisburg, PA. We spent four precisely scheduled days at Parris Island where our assigned drill instructors led us through the process of turning a civilian into a Marine. We were allowed incredible access to talk with recruits, witness the training, and experience a little taste of it ourselves. We were also encouraged us to ask any questions, even impertinent ones, and everything was answered frankly. We did so many things in four days that I felt the best way to cover it all would be a series of updates, each one dealing with a different aspect of our experience.

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Rebecca Cullers Avatar


@courtney, I will give more detail. If you want to go you can contact a recruiter and they can put you on the list. :)

Posted by: Rebecca Cullers on 01/06/2011




Cortney Montgomery Avatar


How did you find out about these workshops? That seems so great! It would be incredible if you could detail your visit a little more. We live in Louisiana, so it's difficult to get up there in the middle of the school year.

Posted by: Cortney Montgomery on 12/24/2010




Community Manager Avatar


Thank you for your story, we look forward to hearing more about the Educator's workshop and your impressions of Marine Corps recruit training. Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 12/21/2010