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Sheryl Sewell Avatar


Need Help! Address problems

Posted By: Sheryl Sewell 12-16-10

Hello, my oldest son Justin left on Dec.6th for MCRD Parris Island. He arrived safely, per the horrible phone call. But we had an address the recruiter gave us and all the letters we've mailed are coming back one by one. Yesterday we got the typed letter with his address at the bottom BUT..on the outside he wrote another address in the return address. I thought he had made a mistake, but I spoke to his buddy who left the same day and is in the same Plt and his had a diff. address on the outside too. Can anyone tell me if the one inside IS the right address? Why the 2nd address? Anyone know? Thank for any answers as his fiance and I are going CRAZY thinking he will NEVER get our mail.

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Kaylynn Frigmanski Avatar


i know how you're feeling! i was so worried my boyfriend wasn't receiving any of my letters for the first couple of weeks because he wasn't answering to any of my questions, but the answers eventually came! its takes about 2-3 days for our letters to get to them, however in some cases it takes about 7-10 days for theirs to get to us! this is just because our letter have to go through 4 steps of processing. once they get their they are split up into battalions, then companies, then by platoon number, and then finally to your recruit. hang in there! it goes by faster than you think! i'm heading out to california in 4 days to see him graduate!

Posted by: Kaylynn Frigmanski on 01/02/2011




Sherry Westberry Avatar


My daughter left on November 29 for Parris Island, we have to date received the typed letter and 5 additional letters, several friends of hers have received letters also, she gets 30 minutes per night for person time to write letters and 4 hours on Sunday after church. I have read in posts that parents are sending packages with person needs items. Do not expect them to be delivered, my daughter told me that she has access to get everything she needs at the exchange and that we should not send anything except letters, she got in trouble for receiving Christmas cards. Packages are being strictly discouraged by her DI's. I did just send a thank you letter to her Senior DI, just because I know how hard their job is, they are making Marines. The turn around for our letters to and from Parris Island have been 4-5 days, we live just south of Savannah so it makes time a little shorter. Best of luck to all of your Recruits, hope to see the parents of all our graduates on February 25, 2011. PS I have been told to bundle up that day the Parade field is cold in February.

Posted by: Sherry Westberry on 12/30/2010




Sheryl Sewell Avatar


Thanks to everyone who has posted. I did email the Drill Instructor and the one on the envelope that my son hand wrote was the right address. I know he is getting mail daily, he writes his Fiance as much as possible. I have received 4 letters since my post. She has received 8 since then. He wrote me on the 12th, 13th, 15th, and the 19th. He writes her every other day. But I think I agree that there must be a delay in getting them there, but we get his in two days, three tops. But he has mentioned not getting mail one evening and he was dissapointed, used to getting it daily. He said in his first letter that he has 12 letters but hasn't gotten time tio read them all. My concern now is that he has written that his whole platoon is really sick and he has fever and coughing. Says he's real sick, and this kid doesnt whine or get sick. I'm so worried for him. He still sounds like he is liking it though.
Thanks again for every reply. It means a lot when you are worried.

Posted by: Sheryl Sewell on 12/24/2010




Diana Vera Avatar


Hello, my baby left on Dec 6th too, headed to Parris Island, as well. Yes, I agree the phone call was horrible. I tell my husband that the only reason I new it was our son, it's because I know his voice. It lasted an entire 16 seconds. I am in the same boat as you are and I understand your concern. I have received 4 letters from my son including the typed one with his official address. On the 14th we received the typed letter and on the 16th we sent out a small package. Then on the 20th we sent 2 others letters, today I received a letter that concerned me because he stated that he hasn't received any mail yet. So far we have sent 3 letters. The Recruiter tells me that it might be because of the Christmas Holiday mailings. We will see, continue to send mail that eventually they will receive it. I will wait a few other days and if I don't get anything I will send an email to one of his Drill Instructors. I suggest if you have an email address also try contacting them. Good Luck.

Posted by: Diana Vera on 12/23/2010




Tammy Labriola Avatar


I had the same thing happen to me. Not the returned letters part but the difference in addresses. My son also left on Nov. 29th for Parris Island. I called and talked with the recruiter and she said that the one that my son had hand written is the right one. That those typed letters are sent out as soon as they get assigned and that the fine tuning happens a little later. She said that all the letters should get there eventually if you used the address on the typed letter. We have received two letters from my son now and have mailed out several but we didn't send any out until after we received the letter from him and I called the recruiter. I hope he is getting them as I just shipped out today a box full of paper,envelopes, body soap, disposible razors, hunting and fishing mags, stamps, pens and pencils, lamination for photos he might receive, toothpaste and toothbrush, and deodorant. I had no clue what else to send him.

Posted by: Tammy Labriola on 12/21/2010




Shannon Boland Avatar


Send mail to Justin by using the address provided on the bottom of the typed letter-that is the correct place to send his mail.

Posted by: Shannon Boland on 12/20/2010




Diane Briggs Avatar


Hi there, my son left for Parris Island on Nov 29th and he has gotten most of my mail. Outgoing mail gets forwarded to Savannah,GA from Parris Island and the mail is then processed through GA. If you have gotten mail, you will see the postmark does say Savannah,Georgia. I get my son's mail in about 4 days, but he says it takes up to 8 days to receive ours. By the time it is sorted and shifted and scanned - FYI, don't put any stickers, smiles, perfume, anything on the outside of the envelopes or they can read them and they will get crap from the DI (Drill Instructor) keep sharing your stories with me and I will share mine. My son ended up with a medical condtion there and just started back over this past Friday. He has in the EHP, Evaluation Holding Platoon for testing and it set him back 2 weeks...

Posted by: Diane Briggs on 12/20/2010




erika wong Avatar


Hi Diane, I'm new in here. my Flance he's in Afg. i have few question, could u pls. help me on this or let me know who's can give me an answer. He said they can't receive any letter or anyother things. Because of the Bomb Letter, they only can use the computer online chat or send email. And they restrict to put their side on cam. because of the security reason. But he can see me on cam. And i was really confuse is, he ask me to apply phone conversation for him. He said i have to pay for the satelite phone. And the email i have to send and the requirement (i feel something is not right!) caused i just need to write an email with simple his information but my side.... I have to write down very detail and the payment for the phone, they give me it's wasn't us govenment or anywhere in usa. is wireless the money to Nigeria.... So, I believe this is trap,..... But i really in love with him and plan to marry very soon. Diane, could u pls. help me to sort out what happen.... Thank you....

Posted by: erika wong on 04/18/2012