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Unhappy Son

Posted By: Juane Rivas 12-06-10

My son is 19 years old and applied to the army, but he did not pass the drug test. Now he's a kid that doesn't leave the house and is really unhappy. I tell him to go to the Marines, but he is embarrassed. Now he is clean, do you guys think the Marines would accept him? My son says he just wants another chance.

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Jill Sines Avatar


I understand your concern for your son. My daughter originally was going to go Air Force, but when she was honest about answering a question of drug use, even though it was when she was in middle school and is now 20 yrs old and hasn't touched anything, the AF recruiter said that she'd have to wait until their fiscal year ended in Oct, and then MAYBE she would be accepted.

She felt like she was penalized for being honest and decided to check out the Marine Corps. She was sworn in on July 1st, and is now in boot camp at Parris Island! So my answer to you is yes, encourage your son to talk to your local MC recruiter; it may depend on how long he has been clean.

Best of luck to your son!

proud recruit mom

Posted by: Jill Sines on 12/16/2010




Melissa Catmull Avatar


Most definitely have him apply with the Marines. He needs to find a good recruiter who will work with him. As long as he is clean now, and doesn't have any past convictions - should be good to go.
He will need to understand he will have to work hard, and the Marines are much tougher than Army, but if he is determined, he can do it. Good luck to him!

Posted by: Melissa Catmull on 12/12/2010




christy goss Avatar


Sorry to hear about your son, IF he wants to be in the military he cannot give up so easily, Our son was given the choice, move out or join the military because of his drug use. We had tried everything. He started out with the Air Force but found out there was a year long wait list to simply enlist. So, he told me his only other 2 options were the Army or Marines. He said if he was gonna to one it was going to be the hardest. (they are all hard) We were terrified of him not passing the drug test. Luckily with us keeping him home, him buying cleansing items & not using he passed the drug test and was allowed to sign up. That was this May. He just left and he had to pass another test. Again, we had to keep an eye on his every move and he used the cleansing items available. He passed. The issue was I suffer from chronic pain and the pills were readily available. He could always find them. We told him he should be a detective since he could find them no matter where they were hidden. Sometimes I couldn't even find them. LOL! He's already sent the letter apologizing for the drug use, the lies, asking for forgiveness and he's only been there a few weeks. We can see a big change already. SO, all that said, if this is something your son really wants then tell him embarrassment should not be an issue. Embarrassment is calling home after you've been arrested. Embarrassment is doing nothing with your life. Embarrassment is depending on your parents to do everything for you. He's got to be the one that wants this. I know we gave our son the ultimatum to get out or join up. Glad he happily chose to join. He said he wanted to do something with his life he could be proud of and that his parents could be proud of. It would've killed me to kick him out but there comes a time when they have to be accountable for themselves. Being embarrassed is just another excuse. Take him to another recruiter or back to the Army recruiter, but honestly, it's something he has to want to do. I had a brother-in-law same situation. Used drugs, joined Army. He was assigned to Hawaii and went AWOL. Twice! He was dishonorably discharged because joining was something he didn't really want to do in the first place. I hope I've helped you. You can email me and talk if you'd like. I wore your shoes, I've been where you are.

Posted by: christy goss on 12/12/2010




Tina England Avatar


Not sure, they do ask about drug use.....he needs to speak to a recruiter they will let him know.

Posted by: Tina England on 12/11/2010