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Swim Week

Posted By: Jennifer Shockcor 11-17-10

Again I am thrilled to watch through the writing of my son on how he is growing and being molded into a Marine! I am seeing this development as he trusts his DI's, he understands that test he is put to is making him stronger. He recently recovered from pharyngitis described as an extremely painful sickness, he never asked us to send anything as he understands that is a NO NO. (and I would never send anything) It is part of their learning. He received the help he needed and was brought back to good health and continued on his training. He recently learned that even though you think you are doing fine in the water if the DI suspects anything they will pull you out as he did in phase 4. He was very disappointed but again he will learn from this and try again. I laughingly tell my friends that my son will tell you he is fine and he could be underwater sinking and try to tell you "Hey I'm good, I've got this" I'm am confident they had a good reason to pull him out. I'm glad there is a DI there and not me anymore to say no, no you are not doing it right. LOL makes me SMILE! God Bless the DI'S

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Barbara Martini Avatar


I'm worried about swim week, but I worry about everything. Have not heard from my son in a week. Happy to hear the DI's won't let him drown. His real trial will be heights. I found out when he was in high school that my tough hockey player was afraid of heights. He was never afraid of a good fight on the ice though!

Posted by: Barbara Martini on 11/17/2010