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Gift to your Marine

Posted By: Michelle Higginbotham 10-25-10

This is something I did for my son and it was a GREAT hit with him. I got online and went to Walgreens, or Walmart etc. I made 8x10 collage prints for him of various pictures. It doesn't have to be specific, remember your Marine will not care who or what is in the picture, he'll just care that you sent something. They are very limited on space in there bunks so 20 pictures would be to much, but an 8x10 picture of 20 is just right. I send one a week of various things around our town, the things he likes to eat etc…. REMEMBER he won't care what it is. Please if you have any questions I would love to help. My son will graduate Nov. 5th. I week to go. Yayyy

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Beth everett Avatar


Hi Michelle.....That is great to know...I have heard so many stories about them getting teased I dont want to do anything to embarrass him. My son is only in his second week of boot camp and I didn't know if we could send anything larger than a standard envelope. So far I have only recieved the standard phone call and standand generic letter. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.....I feel like I am not going to be able to take it for 12 more weeks. Thank you for sharing your story.
Sincerely, Beth Everett

Posted by: Beth everett on 11/08/2010




pam turner Avatar


thank you for the idea. maybe this will cheer up my son he is so home sick this is his 3 week. thanks pam

Posted by: pam turner on 07/28/2011




Angela Heimes Avatar


I sent my son a couple of wallet size pictures, per a recommendation on the website. He thanked me. A couple weeks later, his Father then sent him four 4 x 6 photos. My son sent all of the pictures back to me, my ex's and the ones I'd sent, in an envelope and said that they had gotten their asses chewed and not to send any more pictures. It sounded like the first ones might have been fine, but I don't know if it is that he got too many or that the ones his Father sent were bigger or maybe none of them were okay. But either way, the pictures were apparently not a good idea.

Posted by: Angela Heimes on 07/28/2011