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Miss him and it's not even 24 hrs...

Posted By: chrys becker 10-25-10

My son, the youngest of my 3 children left for Parris Island this afternoon. I cannot believe how I miss him already. I didn't think it would be so hard to let him go since I have been through dropping off a daughter at college 1000 miles away, and leaving my oldest behind when I moved out of state, but he is my "baby" and it was heartbreaking. I will be waiting for that phone call tonight, but the 2 weeks or more until I get that letter with his address is going to be the longest 2 weeks ever. I think the hardest part to imagine is that he wil not be here for the holidays. But I know that at the end of January he will be coming out as a young man that will make me proud!

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Kathy Gilmer Avatar


My son left for Parris Island on Oct. 25 also, and he is my baby of 3. It was so hard at first not knowing how he was doing, and of course, in your mind it is so easy to imagine the worst. He is finally writing us 'real' letters now, and I am relieved that he sounds good and is in good spirits. We are amazed at how he opens up in his letters reaching out to us. He tells us he knows he is becoming a better and stronger person everyday, which makes us so proud to know he is achieving this goal he set for himself. He begs for more letters from home, though, so we are trying to keep up our end of the letter writing. I have found a lot of comfort in scouring the internet for information about what to expect, and I don't hesitate to call his recruiter who was so helpful throughout the DEP training. We are trying to be strong at home, but it sure is hard when you walk by that silent bedroom knowing it will be a very very long time before he comes back home. I am making a point to rely on my faith in him and God as well as he tells me he is doing every day. I pray for God to bless them all every day.

Posted by: Kathy Gilmer on 11/12/2010




Melanie Perry Avatar


I know exactly how you feel because last Monday the 18th I did the same thing. My son is the only child I have. He also went to Parris Island. He actually called his PaPa and GG that Monday night so I haven't talked to him since me and his dad left him at the airport. Which, by the way, was the first time he had ever flown and he was by himself. I am so very proud of him and I am anxiously awaiting that first letter as well.

Posted by: Melanie Perry on 10/28/2010




dawn arnold Avatar


My son left yesterday also and I just got the call...I didn't think it would be so hard but I to miss him already..I think the hardest part is that you just can't pick up a phone to see how their doing....

Posted by: dawn arnold on 10/27/2010




Kris McLain Avatar


My oldest son left for San Diego on 10/18. Dropping him off was very hard. Harder than I thought. We got our call at 3:30 am and it was very short and to the point but made me feel much better knowing he at least got there safe. I am hoping, like everything on here I have been reading, that I will get the first letter in a week. It has been very hard not knowing what it going on with him and how he is doing. Have faith and know that your not the only mom going through this. We all have each other on this forum and it has helped me so much.

Posted by: Kris McLain on 10/26/2010