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My son

Posted By: Shari Anctil 10-25-10

It has been a week since my son left for boot camp and I am having a hard time not seeing him or talking to him. Everyone tells me to think of it as he is gone to college, but they don't understand they can see their kids and talk to them on the phone. He enlisted with a buddy and I got my 'made it here call' but his buddy's father did not and I pray that they did not get separated. I am very proud of him and I just miss him so much!

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Shari Anctil Avatar


Tricia...My son is in the 3rd BN, India Co., PLT 3001. And yes he is in Paris Island and graduates also Jan. 14th.

Posted by: Shari Anctil on 11/24/2010




Tricia Puckett Avatar


My son left at the same time as yours did. What platoon/company is your son in? Is he at Parris Island? I know exactly what you mean about your feelings with not being able to talk to him. I feel the exact same way!! People just don't understand. I would send a child to college any day over the military!! They just have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER!! I live for my letters and count down the days until January 14th!! SEMPER FI!!!

Posted by: Tricia Puckett on 11/12/2010




Whitney  Strudwick Avatar


I thank you for commenting on my post and I wanted to know what platoon your son is in.

Posted by: Whitney Strudwick on 11/03/2010