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Amber Morales Avatar


Where do I go from here!?

Posted By: Amber Morales 10-12-10

Hello! I'm not sure how to go about this without sounding selfish but my boyfriend left for boot camp on August 30th. I was able to see him off and everything but its been 7 weeks and I have only received 5 letters. I have read from some girls where they get a letter everyday! So that leaves me thinking should I give up and stop writing what if he doesn't want to hear from me anymore!? Its already been about one week and a couple of days since I heard from him! Does anyone have any advice maybe tell me where do I go from here!? :( Do I keep writing or should I stop!? I just feel lost alone & confused! What would you do!?

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Shannon Boland Avatar


My husband went to boot on September 20th. I have only received 7 letters plus the receiving letter from week one. Each letter brings immeasurable joy and he has told me the same. I try to write him everyday. But he only has time to write me letters on Sundays and then it takes about a week and half to get to me. While we are living normal lives, while they are gone, they are going through crazy, intense training. Everyday they are push beyond their own expectations. And they are missing home and their loved ones. The letters bring them motivation. The letters bring them some home. The letters bring the comfort, has they do to us. Continue writing. Continue being a support system. I am sure he feels alone and confused too. Don't abandon him. If you guys can make it through this, you guys can make it through anything. Stay strong!

Posted by: Shannon Boland on 11/12/2010




alexus pena Avatar


DEFINITELY keep writing! I know this is hard but I'm sure your boyfriend really looks forward to your letters. Sometimes I get letters from a week and a half ago that are barely getting to me. My fiance left Aug. 30 for San Diego, is that where your boyfriend went? I know it's easy to feel lost and confused but keep in mind that he is really busy, sometimes getting little to no sleep. How would you feel if you were in that situation? I know us girls need our beauty sleep and we would have a hard time! Be patient and know that he needs your support. When you get a letter it will be well worth the wait :)

Posted by: alexus pena on 10/17/2010




Kathy Honan Avatar


I know it's hard when you're waiting everyday for a letter. I have received 11 letters from my son. He left August 9. I reminded my daughter the other day when she was sad about not getting a letter that she has one person to write to and her brother has ????. Sure enough, a letter came for her! We try to send a picture with every letter. Believe me, keep writing. Your boyfriend is exhausted and probably savoring every word from you. Be positive and stay strong and let him know that you are 100% behind him. He needs you more than you know.

Posted by: Kathy Honan on 10/16/2010




Tarissa Flores Avatar


My boyfriend left august 2nd, you don't sound selfish at all I know how feel. I was also able to see my boyfriend off and have received 7 letters from him. I write him all the time and he dosen't respond to all my letters or very often. I actually got a letter today and it had been two and a half weeks since I heard from him. They get busy with all the training in stuff. I'm sure it isn't that he doesn't want to hear from you it's only the matter of him just not having very much time to write letters. The only advice I can give you would be yes continue to helps them so much to know you miss them and care about them.....just continue to write believe me it means the world to him... The feeling of being lost and confused is natural I feel the same but trust me he wants to hear from you... I wish you the best of luck.

Posted by: Tarissa Flores on 10/14/2010




nora contreras Avatar


my husband left on Sept 7th and I've only received a few letters from him. I would tell you to most definitely keep writing!! they get so busy especially as weeks go by. keep sending encouraging letters because even though he might not be able to write back everyday you can be sure your letters keep his spirits up. also keep in mind that depending on where you live letters can sometimes take up to a week to go back and forth.

Posted by: nora contreras on 10/13/2010