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Sandra Morales Avatar


Boot camp

Posted By: Sandra Morales 10-09-10

My baby and only son left to boot camp on Sept 20th. As a single mother I struggled to raise my son and daughter to have goals in life, and to be responsible. Well now that I'm getting what I asked for....why do I wish he was back in kindergarten??? I think of him and miss him so much. I can't wait to see him at his graduation.

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Matthew Moore Avatar


My daughter left two weeks ago, I find myself looking at her picture in the hallway of when she was two years of age quite frequently. I almost feel like I should being going through boot camp for her, but I know she will be all the better by doing it herself. Go for it Kara!

Posted by: Matthew Moore on 03/30/2011




Tammy Skinner Avatar


My son also left Sept. 20th and is at Parris Island. I know that feeling well. He is my only child living. Sometimes it's hard to breathe. I'm sure you gave him a good foundation and lots of love to take with him. I am so proud of my son for becoming the young man he wants to be, and am thankful to watch him grow, as I know you must be too. Graduation can't come soon enough! My prayers are with you and your son.

Posted by: Tammy Skinner on 10/26/2010




Bonnie Fletcher Avatar


My son left on 09/13/10 and I feel the same way that you do. I am so proud but I am also a mom that loves to take care of my children and I to wish he was back in Kindergarten.
My son is in San Diego and I have gotten several letters which i am thankful for but wish he could call!
My prayers are with you and your son.

Posted by: Bonnie Fletcher on 10/12/2010




Jill Rockow Avatar


Your message really pulled at my heart strings. My son left yesterday, but it still feels like he is here. I can't accept that I won't see him for sooo long. I always loved for him to "make his mamma proud" - now I just want him at the dinner table again.

Posted by: Jill Rockow on 10/12/2010