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Posted By: MARCIA GWALTNEY 10-08-10

My grandson left 8/30/10 for Parris Island, MCRD. I cried for 2 wks. b4 he left and cried until I received the phone call from him that he had arrived. The phone call was short and abrupt which was so unlike him that I had to laugh. The first letter was only about 4-5 lines. The second letter was a little better and third letter he seemed a little more relaxed. Each letter he reveals a little more and I can already tell he has really matured. Like it is said… He left a teenager and I know is coming home a young man. Graduation Day is Nov.24, 2010, the day b4 Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait! Our best Thanksgiving ever!!!!!

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Thomas Smith Avatar


I know what you mean about the phone call. I laughed then cried because I realized my boy is becoming a man. How proud we are. My son left about a week after your grandson so he graduates 12/3.

Posted by: Thomas Smith on 10/12/2010




Jan  Dougal Avatar


Marcia, what a story - I lost my Mom 2 years ago and my son David, who left on 9/13 was her only grandson and her "special boy". They had a unique, loving relationship that was like no other. My son has written of his time at church and that he feels so close to his "Nana" when he is there. I'm sure you have just as special a relationship. Hearing your story only reinforces what David's grandmother must feel from her special place in heaven. Enjoy the memories of graduation day. Jan

Posted by: Jan Dougal on 10/11/2010