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Boot Camp

Posted By: Ivette Agosto 10-05-10

My son left for boot camp September 20, 2010. Today I received a phone call from him, he tells me he has been having trouble with the training because of breathing problems, ammonia and pink eye. I am worried whats going to happen to him there. He has also told me his drill instructor is also not happy with for him for getting sick. Wish I knew what is going to happen to him.

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Shannon Miller Avatar


Call his recruiter. Thy will be able to contact the SDI and find out what is going on and then call you and let you know. They are your contact when something happens or you have questions.

Posted by: Shannon Miller on 07/28/2012




Joanne Pestian Avatar


This to shall pass. The thing that we as mothers need to keep in mind is that the Drill Instructors are preparing them for the potential for much more difficult situations in there life. Even though your son might not understand what he is going through, he will in time. Our job is to send them nothing but positive praise. My son says getting my letters help him so much in facing the next day.

Posted by: Joanne Pestian on 10/15/2010




John Best Avatar


My son left for Parris Island on 9/7/2010. Last Friday we got a phone call first from his SDI and then from him, that he has pneumonia. He has been put into EHP platoon while he gets better. It's possible this is what they might do with your son if his physical problems require that he stop training for a while. At any rate, if they pull him out for health, especially for an extended period of time, I think you should get a phone call from the DI or your son telling you that his status has changed.

Posted by: John Best on 10/11/2010




Sandra Morales Avatar


My son also left on Sept 20th. We got our 1st letter today and he has regrets. I just hope that it passes and he can accept what he has in store for him in boot camp. As mothers all we can do is support our sons and hope for the best.

Posted by: Sandra Morales on 10/09/2010




Shawnda Lawson Avatar


I would call his recruiter and ask him.

Posted by: Shawnda Lawson on 10/08/2010




Mom Laz Avatar


Oh no, don't know what is going to happen to him. Anyone else have experienced insight?

Posted by: Mom Laz on 10/07/2010