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After Boot Camp- What's Next...

Posted By: Lynda Torres 09-30-10

My son graduated from USMC Boot Camp on 3 Sept 2010 from Parris Island and the 10-day Boot Camp Leave started as soon as we loaded his gear in the truck for the long ride home. We could not wait to get home to start catching up on all that happened over the past 13 weeks. I could not wait to hear all about the Boot Camp experiences and hear all the stories about all he had been through that he would want to share with me. The 10-days went so fast, we saw everyone at my job, his job, friends and all were in shock at his transformation into United States Marine. When it was time for him to leave for his next phase of training at MCT/SOI I did not want him to leave again, I have to admit this was a harder time than when he left for Boot Camp. This time you know you may only see them once or twice a it really sinks in that they are a United States Marine and not your baby anymore. I was so excited to get a phone call and be able to talk to him when he was there and settled in. I worry when I hear bad weather is heading his way just like I did when he was in Boot Camp and when he was at home. The difference is he will be experiencing new and more intense training before he ships to his MOS school. The job that he signed up for is hitch. He still wants to be a 20-30 year United States Marine like a USMC Sgt Major that we had the pleasure of meeting while he was a Poolee (in the DEP waiting for his ship date to Boot Camp). He will be making more new friends and getting more training, more skills, more knowledge and meeting more USMC Brothers. He says the USMC is the life for him....he was born to do this. His DI said something profound and he has made that his new motivation to rock MCT/SOI and I am adapting it too... "Through Pain Strives Discipline...Through Discipline Strives Perfection". There will be little to no letters from him while he is at MCT/SOI due to the intense training schedule, but with my surprise phone call from him and that motivational phrase he shared with me I know I will be good to go. I write letters and save them for when I receive the first letter from him which will include his new address to mail them all to him.... books as he calls them hahahaha. God Bless our USMC!!!

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Courtney  Pool Avatar


My fiance is supposed to be going to be going to bootcamp on September 9th to Parris Island. of this year and were getting married this June, before he leaves. I was just wondering, Does anybody know what will be happening after he graduates bootcamp, How long he will be gone to school and everything cause he is planning to start a family and I dont want to be alone the entire time. If anybody could help me out this would help me alot.

Posted by: Courtney Pool on 03/12/2013




Sandra Burns Avatar


Hi Lynda, How many phone calls did you receive during the time your son was at MCT. Today is Sunday, I was expecting a call from my daughter and it seems that she couldn't call. Can you tell me a little of what should I expect. I'm going crazy without knowing any thing from her. also, did you go to MCT family day/graduation?

Posted by: Sandra Burns on 12/19/2010




Sandra Burns Avatar


Lynda, Hi again. I can't believe that every time I found a story that seems to be mine and I finish reading, look at who posted it and it's yours. I don't know if I told you already, but my daughter is at MCT now. She left Monday. The night before she left, I found a web site made by a Lance Corporal and that is when I found out that there won't be any letters, only 3 phone calls. There will be during the first 3 Sundays of training, during the 15 minutes of free time they will have. The last Sunday before graduation there won't be any phone call. I also found out that there will be a family day the day before (5 hours to spend graduation with family/friends), MCT graduation last only 20 minutes and 1/2 hour later they are taken to wherever they have their MOS training. In case you guys want to know more on what is happening after boot camp, this is the link:

Posted by: Sandra Burns on 12/16/2010




alexus pena Avatar


Thanks for your post. My fiance is on his 7th week of bootcamp and I've been going crazy wondering where he will be going next.

Posted by: alexus pena on 10/17/2010




dan davis Avatar


Those recruiters do it well. I think it is great that your son went through the d.e.p. program, has finished bootcamp and is stil looking back on the 1st Sgt. Major he ever had the pleasure to meet. "Through Pain Strives Discipline...Through Discipline Strives Perfection." That is a good one. I'll look it up to see if he got it from anywhere good.
best, Trip

Posted by: dan davis on 10/05/2010




Jan  Dougal Avatar


Lynda, thank you so much for your inspiring story. My son David is his 4th week of boot camp and hearing what's next is invaluable both from understanding what the future holds but also in preparing for the emotional aspect as well. Best of luck to you - it's exciting to hear about your son's commitment. Jan

Posted by: Jan Dougal on 10/04/2010




Fay Eikenes Avatar


Lynda, thanks for sharing your son's story. My son is now in his 4th week of boot camp. So far I've received one letter from him and that was so exciting!!
God Bless your son and God Bless the USMC.

Posted by: Fay Eikenes on 10/04/2010