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Proud Dad of a soon to be Marine

Posted By: Richard Jones 09-28-10

My son graduates October 22nd proud mom and dad are going to MCRD San Diego to meet & greet, Family Day and then The Graduation. I'm very proud of him. Mom sure is so nervous & misses him soo much. Take it one day at a time. Semper Fi.

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Richard Jones Avatar


Ok now that we've got our Marine home and have less than 10 days left and off to SOI for 4 weeks. I'm curious when he gets to his MOS training can family visit him on weekends and holidays. Curious...

Posted by: Richard Jones on 10/28/2010




Megan Peters Avatar


That's when my brother graduates too!

Posted by: Megan Peters on 10/08/2010




Richard Jones Avatar


Thank You. I can't wait until our Marine comes home for 10 days after graduation. Short but at least we get to visit since he's been gone 13 weeks. Hopefully when he's at his MOS training we or mom can visit him during weekends. If anybody knows that please let me know. If a Marine is at his MOS training can family visit?

Posted by: Richard Jones on 10/01/2010




Kim Dupuis Avatar


Oh inspiration! I can't wait until I'm that close! My son graduates 12/17. Tell mom to hang in there, it's almost over and she'll have her baby back in her arms. That's right. My baby is going to be a Marine!

Posted by: Kim Dupuis on 09/30/2010