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Missing Him!!!

Posted By: nancy barnes 09-20-10

My son Jared left on Sep.6. Leaving wasn't the problem, the months ahead of that were. Now that he's gone I miss him so but I know God and the Marines have his back and he will always come out on top. Got the phone call and it devastated me but the first letter was great. So very proud of him and I know he has made a great choice for his life. I love him very much and can't wait 'til graduation!!!

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Annmarie Lorange Avatar


My daughter Alexandria left on September 6th also. I am finding it extremely difficult, as she is my only child, and I am a single Parent. I know this is truly her one desire, to be a Marine. I fully support her decision and know she will be a better person for having gone to Marine Boot Camp. She is now the strong one and I am weak, as I sit here looking for other lonely parents who know the feeling of complete emptiness. I now must be strong and supported as well, so I can be the Proud Mother of her young Marine Daughter. Ali I Love you so much and could not be more proud of You!

Posted by: Annmarie Lorange on 09/22/2010