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Jennifer Valdez Avatar


Left For Bootcamp 09.13.10 San Diego

Posted By: Jennifer Valdez 09-15-10

Spencer left for boot camp Monday September 13 to San Diego. This was no surprise, he has always wanted this since he was a little boy. Being a parent you prepare for something like this or so I thought. We really miss him. My heart feels heavy and I have cried so many tears. It is going to be a long 3 months but I can't wait for graduation. We are so proud of Spencer and all our young men and women in uniform.

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Kristal McBee Avatar


My son has just started bootcamp at PI. He has just left and I can't stop crying. I miss him so much. Did not realize how much it was going to hurt letting go. I feel like a part of me has left. I am happy for him and scared too. I hope all goes well. He has been wanting this for a long time. I fully support his decision even though I was scared to death for this decision. He will be greatly missed at home.

Posted by: Kristal McBee on 12/06/2011




Community Manager Avatar


Ms. McBee, welcome to We appreciate your participation on the site and hope you find the stories on the site useful as your son starts boot camp. We hope you continue to update us on your son's journey through boot camp. -LifeAsAMarine Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 12/12/2011




Suzanne Morrow Avatar


Lucas ,left for San Diego, Sept.13.. My only son also wanted to do this for most of his life! I fully support him. I raised my two on my own,for the last 12 yrs.,I miss him and his older sister (UCSB,3rd yr.) .I am alone ,but not. His friends and mine are here for me, and now this forum. I have not received the "letter" yet. That will feel good , have started looking for it every day. I am looking forward to graduation and hugging him tight! So proud of him and all the brave young Americans Serving !

Posted by: Suzanne Morrow on 09/24/2010




Kelley Hoppe Avatar


Hey, my fiancee left on the 13th as well, but he went to San Diego.. Its hard without him.. so I know exactly how you feel.

Posted by: Kelley Hoppe on 09/20/2010




Mary Bell Avatar


Hi, My son Steven is about 3 weeks ahead of Spencer. So far we have gotten 4 letters I read each of them everyday. I can hardly wait for graduation when I can see him again. It took about 2 to 3 weeks to get his first letter A form letter :( but after that real letters :) started coming in. Steven seems to be loving Boot. He attended poolee training regularly since December. I must admit I was shocked and thankful when the recruiter canceled training because of weather the first time. It was about 20 below 0 outside and Steven was planning to train outside. She also made the boys bundle up regularly when they tried to be cool and leave hats and gloves/mittens in their cars.

Posted by: Mary Bell on 09/17/2010




christina n/a Avatar


I feel for you and your family. My boyfriend left to september 13 too but to south carolina and i feel so empty without him. I miss him more than anything and all i could do is just cry and cry. I cant wait for december so i can have him back home. God bless all the men and women in the Marines. your in our prayers.

Posted by: christina n/a on 09/17/2010