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Zak: week 2-3

Posted By: Pete Reed 09-14-10

Zak left Aug 30 for PI. I got my 2nd letter today 9/14. He loves it. No time or urges for smoking or drinking. I hope he never lights another cigarette again!! He said the food is good too. Very busy, got their weapons, but no shooting till the end of the month. Lots of learning/drills etc. We are so glad he loves it. But we knew he would!!

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Pete Reed Avatar


Well Laz, I've received 4 letters. One letter had 2 in it. Don't worry, there are 78 RCTS in 4 platoons in 2 companies in 4 batallions. That's alot of kids. Lots of stuff going on. I sent Zak 2 sheets of his return addresses & my addresses. The letters will come. But still write him every day. I'm constantly posting on FB for his friends to write too. If I knew your son was in w Zak I would tell him to write. Keep us posted please.

Posted by: Pete Reed on 09/15/2010




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My son left 8/30 also. We haven't received a second letter yet (only the form letter with a little note from him). I hope your son tells my son to write to his parents! ;o).

Posted by: Mom Laz on 09/15/2010