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Boot Camp

Posted By: Rebecca Janke 09-09-10

Hi Everyone, My son arrived to San Diego the other day for Boot Camp. He was supposed to ship out next April but his date got moved up to this past Tuesday giving us four days to get ready. With all the confusion, I forgot to give him his bible, I don't want to do ÔÇťanything" to draw more attention to him than necessary so I wanted to get your advice. Do you think I should mail him the bible once I get his mailing address? I'm going out of my mind not knowing what he has been going through during his first two days and I can't even begin to imagine what he is feeling and just feel the bible would help him at night. Regards, Rebecca

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Rebecca Janke Avatar


Thank you very much Brian :)

Posted by: Rebecca Janke on 09/14/2010




Brian Pelepchan Avatar


Rebecca, your son is very busy at this point in his training and the Corps will only allow certain personal items. We found out that the local churches have a great ministry at MCRD so hopefully your son will take advantage of that on Sundays. We didn't get our first letter from our son until his 10th day and it was a short one so be patient.


Posted by: Brian Pelepchan on 09/14/2010