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Good Book

Posted By: Mom Laz 09-08-10

My son left for Parris Island August 30th. Very hard as everyone knows to not hear from him. I found a good book that is helping me cope. "Making the Corps" by Thomas Ricks. He is an author that followed a platoon for 12 weeks at Parris Island. While everything isn't current (the book was written 15 years ago) it helps me to understand why boot camp is like it is and what my son is going through. BTW got his address today and mailed my first letter. I know that what I am going through can't compare to his discomfort at boot camp. I told him, keep his eye on the prize-graduation and he will make it--we all need to do the same.

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keith palmer Avatar


This might help them to. At Lifeway christian store, they sell a Marine Corp bible. We got one for our son before he left for Parris Island on May 15th and he stated in a letter that he cherised it greatly!

Posted by: keith palmer on 08/08/2011




Sam Shelley Avatar


Have you gone to the actual Marine Corps web site? There is a link on there that goes week-by-week on boot camp and is shown from the Recruits perspective and then the Drill Sargeants prospective. It's really great to watch!

Posted by: Sam Shelley on 07/01/2011




Don Backen Avatar


"Making of the Corps", by Thomas Ricks, is an excellant book! Late in that book Ricks mentions another book that he says all Marines should read. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it but it was awesome.
God bless or troops, one and all.

Posted by: Don Backen on 09/14/2010




Sandy Long Avatar


might it be This Recruit?

Posted by: Sandy Long on 08/08/2011




Candice Finnelly Avatar


Thank you for the book recommendation. I've already ordered it.

Posted by: Candice Finnelly on 09/14/2010