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first week

Posted By: Hayley Deville 09-08-10

My fiancée left for Parris Island August 30th. I have not gotten my first letter yet, but I am waiting patiently, it is hard to get use to him not being here, but I know that this is for the best. We are expecting our first child in March, so this is probably the best thing that he could ever do with his and my life. I am just getting worried because I have not received the First letter yet, but I know that he is very busy in his day. I am proud to be in his life!

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Danielle  Price Avatar


I am in the exact same boat. My boyfriend left August 29th and I haven't received a letter yet either but either you or his mom should be receiveing a letter stating that he got there safe, when his graduation is, and his exact address and things you can and cannot send. They can only send out one of those letters so my boyfriend sent it to his mom and she emailed it to everyone in the family. Once you have his address you can write him immediately. We just received our letter Tuesday so you should probably be getting yours soon if you haven't gotten it already. I am so proud to be with him and congrats to the both of you!

Posted by: Danielle Price on 09/09/2011




larry berg Avatar

Former Marine

I am 50 yrs. of age. I was a "Grunt" in 2/9 weapons platoon 1st. marine div. I was known as the "Hollywood" Marine.
Anyone that did their "Boot Camp" West of the Mississippi and bloused their boots. We were known as Marines.


Posted by: larry berg on 03/14/2011




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Former Marine

He is fine.I was a "Grunt" 0341 (mortarman).
I was a asst. gunnner.
I never saw combat
thought was ready for it.
he is fine , he is a "Marine". Larry

Posted by: larry berg on 03/14/2011