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1st Night at Boot Camp

Posted By: Rebecca Janke 09-07-10

My 18 yr old son just arrived at the aiport in San Diego. They are still waiting for the rest of the new recruits to arrive before they all head over to the base. He was so nervous as was I last night that I don't think he got more than two hours sleep. Hope to get his call soon, Don't think I will be getting much sleep until I hear from him. Today was such an emotional day down at the MEPS bldg. I never really anticipated just how hard it was going to be letting go of my boy and turning him over to someone else to care for :(

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Mom Laz Avatar


I know it is very contradictory. You are supporting his "adult" decision to serve his country, but you are turning over your child. I was worried about him not having a hoodie on the plane because he would be cold and my husband looked at me and said "really honey, do you think THAT is going to be the worst thing he will have to endure"? I realized I won't be able to protect him anymore. Hang in there, we are on day 11 at bootcamp and it does get easier to function without him. I enjoy reading books and the Marine website to help me understand what they are going through. Hang in there!

Posted by: Mom Laz on 09/09/2010