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Read stories from Marines and members of the Marine Corps family. Each story provides a unique perspective about life in the Marine Corps and what it means to serve.

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Becoming an Enlisted Marine


Enlisted Marines make up the majority of the Marine Corps. They are trained to respond whenever necessary and are ready to protect our nation's interests in the air, on the ground and at sea.


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Discussion Topics


Becoming a Marine can be a life-changing decision, and it’s perhaps one of the first adult decisions your son or daughter will make. Talking about it will help you understand his or her reasons to become a Marine.


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Your Role


As a parent or educator, you’ve laid the foundation of character that has led your son, daughter or student to consider the Marine Corps.


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Prestige and Legacy


The prestige and legacy of the Marine Corps is well known. The most elite warriors and leaders in our nation’s armed forces wear the Marine uniform. Our institution began with the country itself.


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The Recruiter's Role


Marines recruit the best and brightest of America's youth by assigning experienced Marines to Recruiting Stations, Recruiting Sub-Stations and Officer Selection Stations across the United States and territories.


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Service Options


Before becoming a Marine, your son, daughter or student first decides whether to pursue a path as an enlisted Marine or a Marine Officer. They must then decide between active or reserve status.


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During or After College


Marine Officer opportunities are available to students on their way to completing a college degree. Marine Officer programs allow students to continue their college studies while becoming leaders of the world’s most elite forces.


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Why the Marines?


Service in the Marine Corps appeals to sons, daughters or students like yours for many reasons, including selfless service, pride, legacy, challenge, and a sense of belonging.


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Before College


The Marine Corps is an excellent opportunity for students who want a college education but haven't begun pursuing it yet.


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Force in Readiness


The Marine Corps’ purpose is best expressed in our three commitments to the country: we make Marines, we win our nation’s battles and we develop quality citizens.



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