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Leadership in the Field


>> MAJ. JASON SMITH: I think most people think of leadership as a conductor in front of an orchestra, somebody that, you know, taps on the podium a couple times and then has a little baton and starts to swing it around, and everybody responds to him. The Marine Corps is not set up to function like that. We're expecting Marines through the lowest level to take initiative and to reach some sort of decisive action. >>MSGT. JOSEPH AMICK: I think it starts as Day One. You're given constant responsibilities and are expected to perform. >> BGEN. GERALD MILLER: It starts really in boot camp because, again, the role models are there. So the Marines get out in the field. They see it. >> CAPT. CARRIE BATSON: The Marine Corps gives you leadership experience right from Day One. The day you join the Marine Corps, you are expected to be a leader. >> LtCOL. ANTONIO SMITH: I cannot think of one occupation where you're 21 years old, and you're responsible for 40, 41 people. >> JEFF BRANCH: Their number one objective is to train leaders. You know, they work to build leaders and build them from the bottom up. 00:01:03:00 >> ERIC KAPITULIK: How they produce these great warriors is by staying focused on what great leadership is, taking care of our people every single second of every minute of every hour of every day. >> BGEN. GERALD MILLER: The emphasis is always on taking care of your troops. And it is a two-way street. You have to go the extra mile. You have to do the things that are expected of a leader. And you have to set the example. >> MAJ. JASON SMITH: You're going to have to make decisions very quickly. And you're going to have to figure out things on the fly. You're going to have to propose unique solutions to unique problems and get a quantifiable result. The training that's most successful accomplishes that, and it makes better leaders in the end. >> CAPT. CARRIE BATSON: I think leadership, too, is also about having a vision. It's always thinking about what needs to be done next. It's always thinking about, where do we need to be going next? What should we be doing? It's not just about today. It's not about just the here and now. It's really about where we need to be and creating that vision for your Marines and being able to inspire them to focus on that and to become--and to do the best job that they can possibly do. 00:02:03:00 >> MAJGEN. CLIFFORD STANLEY: You don't make yourself a leader, and you can demand respect, but you won't get respect unless you've earned that respect; and so part of leadership is earning that respect. Being a leader also doesn't mean you're going to please everybody all the time. But hopefully, eventually, they may see where you're headed with this. And, in fact, in time, most times they do. Being a leader doesn't mean you have to be perfect. But you certainly should be striving for that kind of perfection. And, to me, that defines leadership. 00:02:38:14

Marines are trained to lead at every level from day one of training. The leadership characteristics they’ve learned allow them to act instinctively and effectively in any situation–and that means putting fellow Marines in position to succeed.

In training, Marines form an unbreakable brotherhood. This bond drives them to support and defend the Marines on their left and right. This shared Marine leadership philosophy extends to deployment; each Marine knows it’s his or her responsibility to guide fellow Marines every step of the mission.

Marine Corps Officers are leaders of Marines. It’s their job to accomplish the mission and provide for the welfare of the Marines under their command, giving them the strategies and support to succeed. Officers are also responsible for the ongoing development of Marines-mentally, physically and morally–to strengthen their unit and accomplish the mission.

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Kirk Smurawa Avatar

Former Marine

I shared this observation on Facebook the other day, the ad's message is on track with Marine leadership. "As an American, You can take an order, place it or cancel it. An order can be tall, large or made-to. You can question an order or follow it. As an American and a Marine Officer: Your orders will impact the future of this nation. Few can be Marines, even fewer can lead them."

Posted by: Kirk Smurawa on 03/08/2011




Savannah Boisvert Avatar


I agree with you.

Posted by: Savannah Boisvert on 01/30/2013




Ebony Jackson Avatar


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Posted by: Ebony Jackson on 08/28/2012




Savannah Boisvert Avatar


My name is Savannah Boisvert, who is related to a retired marine. I am excited to become a marine, which is in about 4/5 years. Yes, im in the 8th grade, but because i love the millitary so much, i think its fine to feel this way. I agree with the video, and i love the idea about leadership. When your out in combat, you need to have someone you trust to leed you through it all!

Posted by: Savannah Boisvert on 01/30/2013