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You are entrusting us with your sons and daughters and we are grateful. In return, we make this three-part Marine commitment to parents, and all Americans:

We will Make Marines, instilling our core values to build on their character.

We will Win our Nation’s Battles, giving every Marine the training and resources to succeed.

We will Develop Quality Citizens, inspiring Marines to become active participants in their communities.

Official resources for families of Marines include Family Relations Officers (FROs) who are assigned regionally to connect you with the Marine Corps and other Marine families.

Marine parents receive support from thousands of other Marine parents worldwide. Proud Marine moms and Marine dads connect through blogs, message boards, get-togethers and activities. They find comfort in sharing stories and information and getting to know each other while their sons and daughters are away for Recruit Training and deployment.

It's an immensely proud group. From Marine clothing to bumper stickers to pins to home decor, Marine parents love to show that they have a son or daughter in the Corps and to meet others who do, too.

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Gracia Hernandez Avatar


Es de valiente tomar la desicion de ser un marine

Posted by: Gracia Hernandez on 08/18/2010




cody Smith Avatar


What is Marine Corp boot camp going 2 be like?

Posted by: cody Smith on 12/21/2010




Community Manager Avatar


Your local recruiter can tell you what to expect from recruit training, also to learn more you can check out this first hand perspective of recruit training from a recent graduate. Copy and paste this URL

Thank you for your interest, Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 12/21/2010




Julie Ganseveld Avatar


Speaking of showing our pride in our new Marines, I purchased several items of clothing for me and my family at the exchange on MCRD San Diego and was wondering if we could ever buy anything from the exchanges on-line? I have some other shirts I would love to buy too:)

Posted by: Julie Ganseveld on 03/17/2011




Tasha Lawless Avatar


This is a new day and there are new hurdles to overcome...everyday is a a loving supportive family member for our Marines....I just wanna say Semper and every Other Parents, Grand-Parents, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, Nephews, Daughters, Sons, Cousins,Spouses and Friends....RESPECT OUR HEROES AS THEY RETURN... FROM WHEREVER THEY WERE.... DOING WHAT THEY WERE TOLD TO DO.... FOR ALL OF US !!!!! MUAH to the Marine Corps

Posted by: Tasha Lawless on 12/06/2011




Patty Shiel Avatar


Just dropped our son off to be shippped out tomorrow... What a memorable day! We're very proud of him!

Posted by: Patty Shiel on 06/17/2012




jackie stout Avatar


My son left for bootcamp in San Diego this past monday 11/5. I miss him dearly!!! I have a saved message on my cell phone from him, so i can hear his voice anytime. I am so proud of him and I can`t wait to get his first letter. I am so glad I found this website!!!! Thanks for all of your support!!!!!!

Posted by: jackie stout on 11/09/2012