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Parent and Mentor Groups

Whether your son or daughter is still in the decision process, is waiting to ship to Recruit Training, is a recruit, or is deployed, there is a large Marine community of people who can share their knowledge, feelings and family resources with you. Find Marine parents as well as family of those who are still considering service here.

Please note that the links provided below are meant to serve as a resource for Marine Corps prospects and their family and friends. This linking does not constitute Marine Corps endorsement of the content of these websites or of their respective policies or products.

A community site for relatives of current Marines, including news, information, chats and message boards, support groups and an online store.
A community site for relatives of Marine recruits, including news, information, chat and message boards, support groups and an online store.

The United States Marine Corps on Facebook
Connect with the Marine Corps on Facebook. It's a great place to ask current and former Marines about their decision to serve or learn from the experience of other Marine parents and supporters. ‘Like’ the Marine Corps page to receive regular updates from the United States Marine Corps.
A series of forums and boards for family and friends of those currently going through Recruit Training.
The official site of Marine Corps Community Services, a group that provides quality-of-life services and information to Marines and their families

Hey Mom! I Joined the Marines! by Teri A. Laughery
While The Marine Corps cannot officially endorse this book, you may benefit from this compilation of parents’ stories about their Marines’ decisions to join.

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Monica Valdez Avatar


Hello to all the Marines Parents,

On 08/27/2012 our son left to bootcamp at San Diego, CA. It was so hard to see my son and the rest of the pooles leave. Were so proud of our son that he step to the plate and decided to serve our country as a Proud Marine. I know this journey will change our son life forever in a positve way. We were sad to see him go but we support him with all his decisions.

Posted by: Monica Valdez on 08/29/2012




Michelle Alls Avatar


Today is the day that I leave to go see my son. He graduates on Friday from bootcamp at PARRIS Island, SC. He was able to make a phone call on Sunday and we talked for about 30 minutes. It was great hearing his voice. I almost did not recognize him. We are all so excited for him. I have missed him dearly. I cannot wait to give him a big hug. Not being able to talk to him was the hardest part. He said that he looked forward to me writing letters and receiving them. I tried to write as often as I could. I cannot wait to hear the stories he has to tell. I'm off to go get packed! Have a great day everyone!

Posted by: Michelle Alls on 03/07/2012




Attonnavie Wilson Avatar


03-09-12 was a great day. Our son graduated that day as well 3rd BN PLT 3017 Mike Co. Congrats to your family and your new marine.

Posted by: Attonnavie Wilson on 03/30/2012




Glenda McFalrand Avatar


That is great for all of you! Congrats!!And have a safe trip! My son won't graduate until Feb 1st,2013(I think). He didn't get to Parris Island until Nov.5th,2012 so....BUT it seems like it's been an eternity since I've seen his face,heard his voice,but I have gotten at least a letter....I just love him so very much and I do support Charlie,I always have! But somehow I feel as if he's just letting me go....I'm a mess! Have a good trip!

Posted by: Glenda McFalrand on 12/06/2012




Shannen Loznao Avatar


Cousin is leaving to boot on July 17. I don't know what to put on his letters im sending him any adivce ? Our best friend is in the Marine and he tells me to write him every day its just going to make him feel more supportive etc. I mean can I ask how boot is or is he just going to tell me oh its fine?

Posted by: Shannen Loznao on 02/04/2012




Jennifer Post Avatar


My son is a freshman in high school. He intends to join the ROTC program when he gets to college. I was told I can find a marine mentor for him. I'm not having any luck finding him find a mentor. In desperation, I called the local Marine Recruiting office but never got a return call. Can someone direct me in the right direction, please? thank you :)

Posted by: Jennifer Post on 11/22/2011




Kelly Oyler Avatar


I have a similar request ... my son will be a Freshman in September and plans on joining the ROTC in High School ... are there classes or any other preparation we need to consider now to prepare him for the Marine Corp?

Posted by: Kelly Oyler on 03/23/2012




Kim Winski Avatar


My Son wants to sign up for the delayed entry. I have a list of questions that I am going to be asking but just wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions; things they wish they had known; questions they wish they would have asked?

Posted by: Kim Winski on 11/14/2011




Kevin Jara Avatar


my process to join the marines is almost done. i will probably go to boot camp early next year. I am 18 and not married. do i have to get married before i leave to bootcamp in order to take her to where i will be stationed or can i do it after bootcamp?

Posted by: Kevin Jara on 10/17/2011




Community Manager Avatar


Kevin, welcome to the LifeAsAMarine community! Please check out our Discussions tab at and try posting your question there [+ any relevant info] - it's a great source of information about many Marine Corps topics. Thanks! -LifeAsAMarine Community Manager

Posted by: Community Manager on 10/18/2011




Kimberly  Lee Avatar


Hello to all the teary eyed proud Mama's out there! I'm 18 year old son left March 13th for Parris Island and graduates June 10th! I am consumed with PRIDE and miss him much more than I had imagined! June 9th, family day can’t get here soon enough! He's in PLT 3014 Co K...if anyone has a son in the same platoon...or another PLT that graduates June 10th...please lets chat! As our Marines are establishing unbreakable bonds of brotherhood...We parents can do the same for each other...We are FAMILY! God Bless and I look forward to meeting you all!

Posted by: Kimberly Lee on 04/18/2011




Joseph Kennedy Avatar


Our son shipped to Boot Camp on 3/7/11 - as parents we are proud and very supportive of his decision and hope that he gets everything he wants in his quest to earn the title of United States Marine. The second and last letter we received was dated 3/26/11 and have not received any recent updates. We're not sure if this is normal or we should have reason to be concerned. We don't have much experience to go on and we're trying to keep all of our letters to him upbeat and positive to help keep him motivated for the challenges of Boot Camp.

Proud Parents of a Recruit

Posted by: Joseph Kennedy on 04/15/2011




Patty Shiel Avatar


We just dropped off our son to go to Parris Island tomorrow. How will we know the address to write to? Do we wait until he writes to us?
Is there a general address to address it to and it will get to him?
Thanks for any help you can give.

Posted by: Patty Shiel on 06/17/2012




Kenneth Hartman Avatar


Our Community Salutes is a non-profit organization that recognizes and honors high school seniors (and their parents) who enlist into the military after high school graduation. To learn more about a OCS Ceremony near you, please go to:

Dr. Kenneth E. Hartman
Our Community Salutes

Posted by: Kenneth Hartman on 11/15/2010




Sandra Robinson Avatar

Mother was my go-to place every day that my son was deployed. There is a message board forum for each battalion. What a great way to 'meet' other families with Marines in the same unit. We shared when we had a phone call or email (what a relief when someone heard from and posted that their Marine said everyone was ok), shared ideas of what to send in a care package and, generally, held each other up through each deployment. Besides the joy of seeing my son at each homecoming, meeting people who had posted on the message board was fantastic. I still keep in contact with some of them. I also was impressed that it is highly OpSec compliant - helping to keep our Marines safe when deployed.

There's so much practical information on deployment to be found on the website, too - from what boxes to use to ship a care package to information on filing taxes when deployed to so many other topics. If someone has a question you can either find the answer on the website or a volunteer moderator will help.

I must admit I still visit the website even though my son's not deployed. There are some general forums that cover a wide range of topics - some are pretty serious; some silly. I still need my fix! It is an addiction - a very good one!

Posted by: Sandra Robinson on 09/01/2010




Glenda McFalrand Avatar


I think you are who I need to be talking to because I am losing my mind! My son arrived at Parris Island on 11/05/2012 and we never got a call,I've received one letter from him( I know he has alot of training and responsibilities)but...OMG...I always told Charlie that NO MATTER what, I would love,respect and support him no matter what! I think sometimes because his father and I are divorced(for like nearly 13 years now), I think he feeels he HAS to choose,you know? His father was soooo against him joining the Marines though!He acts like he is fine with it now but I know how he is......IDo they get to make cals to home while they are in training,or will it be after he comes home on leave or whatever,then goes back? I know nothing! Please help!

Posted by: Glenda McFalrand on 12/06/2012




Wendy Judson Avatar


I'm so glad to see on here! This site saved my sanity when my son shipped to boot and is the absolute BEST resource for parents and loved ones of recruits. Now that my son is a Marine, it just gets better with - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Posted by: Wendy Judson on 08/31/2010




Stanley Craddock Avatar


Thank you AGAIN the USMC Command and providing opportunities like this site to not only support "US" as parents, family and friends but to have the opportunity to link up with WONDERFUL mentor sites like

The site was a wealth of information and support while our son spent 21 weeks in Boot Camp on the island due to an injury early on in his training. Our son, now a MARINE, remembers the Drill Instructor in his rehab platoon as being one of the most motivating, positive men in his life, when everything else seemed to not be going his way.

For my wife and I the site provided positive support throughout the entire time with individual postings/blog type entries from parents with recruits in our son's actual Company and Platoon as well as live chat with those parents and other Corps family members.

It was great to know that we were "connected" with others during this adventure.

And although surfing the web for answers to our USMC questions is WONDERFUL that the Corps is putting more effort to make sites like this one and information available for all of us.

SEMPER FI all of our USMC Family

Posted by: Stanley Craddock on 08/28/2010