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The Marine Corps Family


>> BGEN. GERALD MILLER: When I was on active duty, I would look for Marines who were from--for example, from Wisconsin because I thought I understood how people from Wisconsin may have acted or thought. But now that I'm outside the Marine Corps and in Wisconsin, I find myself looking for people who are Marines. If you see a car parked in a parking lot with a Marine Corps sticker on, at church or in a restaurant or wherever, you go in there looking to see who is the Marine, because you want to go up and say, "Semper Fi." >> MAJ. JASON SMITH: I've talked with Marines about the meaning of "Semper Fidelis" before, Always Faithful, which is another way to say “always loyal.” And if I--if I say that I'm loyal, the next question from somebody would be, "loyal to what?" You are loyal to your fellow Marine. You're loyal to the Marine Corps. And if every Marine is doing that, the unit, the Marine Corps is going to be successful. 00:01:04:00 >> JOE LISI: You're walking down the street, and a person will spot your eagle, globe and anchor, whether it's on your attaché case or maybe you're wearing a baseball hat, and they'll say, "Hey, Semper Fi." And you say "Semper Fi" or "Oorah." And you could start a connection. And not even knowing that person, you'll go to the wall with that person right away. >> STEVE TALLENT: The thing that pulls them together is this intense dedication for each other. So if the Marine Corps does something to homogenize a young man, it's injecting such an incredible spirit of dedication for each other that, it's lifelong. And, you know, the old, I guess, sort of hackney phrase in terms of, you know, "Gee, I’d give my life for you?" They mean it. >> RITA STIGALL: I know when he's over there, he's protected, and they are protected because they protect each other. The camaraderie that the Marines have with each other is one that is indescribable. 00:02:04:00 >> MSGT. JOSEPH AMICK: It's not the Marine Corps. It's the people you meet in the Marine Corps. It's all about camaraderie and the brotherhood of being a Marine. You get such a sense of accomplishment in working together and doing things together. I just think that bond is nowhere matched anywhere else. >> BGEN. GERALD MILLER: I think the teamwork part of it came on strong because you were expected to perform as a team. So you formed friendships then that really lasted a lifetime, because you can depend upon the person next to you. >> ERIC KAPITULIK: All it is, is--is me making sure that I'm staying focused on accomplishing the mission and taking care of my people, taking care of my Marines. And by taking care of my Marines, that means their families too. >> ALOMA HARRIS: Well, one of the reasons that I feel I'm part of the Marine Corps family is because they--the Marine Corps has a lot of support for parents, family, friends and wives. >> CALINE McNATT: And, you know, these wives, they really go out of their way to make other wives feel comfortable and to make them more knowledgeable. 00:03:04:00 >> LYNN MILLER: The Marine Corps is a very close-knit community, very friendly, very courageous, very brave. And that keeps us close together. >> SARAH WALLACE: What's the saying; "Always Faithful"? Yeah. And they're always family. >> CAPT. JAMES WILLIAMS: I serve for a number of reasons. But I serve because of Marines. That's why I've stayed for so long. It's my family. >> MARINES: Oorah! 00:03:26:25

From the moment your son or daughter commits to becoming a Marine, the Marine Corps makes a commitment to them and you. Your family becomes part of ours: The Marine family.

All current and former Marines are united by the commitment they made to defend the Constitution of the United States and the esprit de corps that develops during training and service. Marine moms, Marine dads and Marine family members are bonded together by their shared pride and concern for their Marines.

Together, the Marine family spans the world, with thousands of members ready to give a hug, advice or support for you and your Marine. There is a distinct Marine Corps culture — the Esprit de Corps of the Marine Corps —and you will be part of it.

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Timothy McCarthy Avatar

Former Marine

There is nothing more important to a Marine than family and the entire Marine Corps is family! Semper Fi!

Posted by: Timothy McCarthy on 11/01/2012




Patty Cerda Avatar


I am looking for other parents who have a son that is at boot camp right now. My son left on October 9th to MCRD, Delta 1st BN, RTR. I would love to meet someone who has a son their right now also.

Posted by: Patty Cerda on 10/20/2012




ruth lopez Avatar


hi my name is Ruth my son just left on feb 4 2013 for boot camp, its still so very hard for me.and the pain does not stop. i worry everyday hes gone if hes ok and i just dont know how to handle it, im very proud of him. this is something he has always wanted but as a mom its very hard..i pray for his safe return and pray he gets through bootcamp. if you have any advice i would love some..

Posted by: ruth lopez on 02/09/2013




jacob harsh Avatar


be safe out there and i always wanted to join but ill be there and pray for you guys

Posted by: jacob harsh on 07/16/2011




Patricia McAlonen  Avatar


What address do I use to send mail to my son in paris island. He got there 7/21 and I have not gotten a letter from him yet.

Posted by: Patricia McAlonen on 07/10/2011




Gloria Ray Avatar


I am so proud of my son. he is now in boot camp I was so upset the first week he went, because he has never been away from me and his dad. my son got to call home one night and he said mom come and get me and you know I almost hit the floor, all I could think about is my baby needs me. I told him to call his sister and talk to her because I could not talk to him anymore without crying and I did'nt want to make him more upset or home sick. my daughter talked to him and then she called me and said mommy he made this decision on his own now let him grow up she went own to say mom you have always taught us to pray whenever we are at our lowest and no one else can help you can always call on Jesus. she said i will pray for him and you need to stop worrying and do the same well to make a long story short I did what I have told them and the next day I woke up feeling like the whole world had been lifted off my shoulders. I prayed so hard the night he called and my prayers was answered, because I could feel that from that day on every day would be better. I got a letter from him about a week later and he said mom You know i am so much better and I am beginning to feel that the marines here like myself is my family , and now I am OK and even more proud of his commitment to the marine family and I pray for each one of them. My daughter helped me by reminding me of what I have always told them because when my baby called and said come get me I forgot to pray with him and pray for him.

Posted by: Gloria Ray on 01/11/2011




jacob harsh Avatar


just pray for him and i will always pray for him to and keep your head up ok

Posted by: jacob harsh on 07/16/2011