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>> DR. BARRY ERDMAN: The characteristics that you picked up in the Marine Corps, or that you had, that the Marine Corps built upon, doesn't end when you get out of the Marines. >> CAROLYN MINERICH: Once a Marine, always a Marine; how true. You can't say a couple of small words that convey such a strong message. And it's true. The things that I learned in the Marine Corps will carry me the rest of my life. >> BGEN. GERALD MILLER: No matter what the exposure to the Marine Corps is for an individual, it's going to make a big difference in their lives. Just that experience of recruit training, the training that comes after it and being with people who believe in excellence in the work that they do and how they take care of other people, is something that's just never going to go away. 00:01:03:15 >> MAJ. JASON SMITH: That selfless perspective is invaluable after service. Being able to work with different people from all different walks of life, from all different races and religions and socioeconomic backgrounds, and the fact that he's able to work with all these people under difficult circumstances will translate to any job. >> ERIC KAPITULIK: I think that there is a lot of people, or many people, on many organizations, that are good teammates when it's 70 degrees and sunny. But as soon as there's even a whisper of fear, and even a whisper of challenge, of adversity, it becomes about number one rather than staying focused on that warrior to their left and to their right. >> DR. BARRY ERDMAN: Not only do you not want to let your superiors down; you don't want to let your fellow man down, you don't want to let your patients down. I mean, I have got a--a confidence. I've got a--there's a spirit in me, I guess, that the drive is still there. 00:02:03:15 >> CAROLYN MINERICH: What I left with was a sense of excellence in everything you do; dealing with your children, and at work when we turn out a product, what we want to have is a sense of excellence. >> LtCOL. GERALD CARTER: Any Marine, from private, all the way to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, you can look at a Marine and say that there is a guy that I can count on, and he has a very good base of leadership and some qualities about him that would be successful in any part of the world. >> BGEN. GERALD MILLER: I think that the individuals who have been Marines know that they were part of something that was making a difference in the world. And that's just their makeup. When they're out there in the community after their service in the Marine Corps as citizens, they're going to take their role very seriously. >> ERIC KAPITULIK: Any company can teach you how to make the widget. Any financial firm can teach you how to use Excel. No place teaches you leadership better than the United States Marine Corps. And that's exactly why all of those organizations want Marines in their ranks. 00:03:02:00

The lasting character and leadership traits are the greatest promise the Marine Corps has to offer your son or daughter. The qualities that have been reinforced by training and service are theirs to keep, for life, and will benefit them as they turn attention to family, community and career.

As a Marine, he or she will have already become an active, effective participant in the community, with the desire and ability to make a positive difference. They will have proven themselves capable of handling an incredible amount of responsibility and commitment, and capable of seeing a goal through.

Your Marine will have leadership experience and leadership characteristics: he or she will know how to manage and care for others on a team, even under intense pressure. They will know how to act despite fear–the true meaning of courage.

Your son or daughter will be self-reliant, disciplined and organized. All of these are qualities that will help him or her succeed as a professional and as the leader of a home or family and are qualities that are strengthened and supported by the brotherhood of the Marine Corps.

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Tom Fortin Avatar


This video is so true. I'm a retired Naval Officer, and when I see a Marine, I know I can depend on him/her and I know the inner strength that they have even if they only did a few years. When my son was considering the military as a career option, I told him, "Son, if you want to shoot and do military things, you can go in the Army or the Marines, but if you want to be the best of the best, go in the Marines. Those guys are top notch."

Posted by: Tom Fortin on 09/17/2012




Kirk Smurawa Avatar

Former Marine

Honor, Courage, Discipline. Mere words to others but to Marines it is gospel. Held in the highest regards. Passed on from generation to generation of the warrior breed. To be apart of something bigger than you, bigger than anything is an honored place to be.

Posted by: Kirk Smurawa on 03/08/2011