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Building Upon a Good Foundation


>> LAURA SCHOOLCRAFT: When you have a son or daughter that comes and says, you know, "This is what I'm choosing for my life," I think, for most parents, it is something that is foreign and frightening. But to see the changes that I've seen Doug go through, and we have--we know others that have gone through this same process. It is exactly the culmination of everything that we have done as parents. They have become this respectful, contributing part of society in a way that we could never have imagined. >> LUIS CASTRO: You have to set a good foundation for your children otherwise-- >> SHERYL CASTRO: At home first. >> LUIS CASTRO: At home, right. Otherwise they're not going to go in the right direction, or at least what we consider to be the right direction. What the Marine Corps has done is they've actually taken it a step further than that and helped them become grown men and women. 00:01:03:25 >> RITA STIGALL: I was able to raise him as a child to a man. But the Marine Corps was able to take the man and make a better man. And when Vincent returned, he was the man I raised, but he had more confidence. He had more pride. >> GARY SIMON: His sense of morals is even stronger than it--than it was before. He was always one of the most honest of young adults we've ever met, and his sense of moral bearing and what's good and what's not good, what's right for the country, what's right for himself. >> SARAH WALLACE: She's become more of a leader. She's learned to be--to take charge when she has to. She can be aggressive. And she can be creative. Lots of growing. There's been a lot of growth. >> HANK ROBERTS: The things that I saw in Henry that changed as a result of being in the Marines were mostly development. He always exhibited a little bit of ability in leadership, but the Marines turned him into a leader. Henry was always a person of character and integrity, but they made him confident. 00:02:03:25 >> ALOMA HARRIS: One of the things that the character development has done in Allen is to help him recognize how to develop himself. >> VERONICA LOPEZ: They take them to a level that they didn't know that they had. They take them to a place where they can, because, of course, the Marine Corps pushes them and says that there is no, "I can't." There is, "I can. I'm just going to find a way to do that. I can." And that's one of the things that I've noticed the most about Adrian, that nothing's impossible to him anymore. >> STEVE TALLENT: So my fear was the fact that, okay, they're going to--the pendulum's going to swing really far the other way and that they're going to harden this kid to the point where he maybe closes down a little bit on his own emotions, that he's not able to project the type of warm, friendly Cody that we all knew and loved. And I have been delighted. I've been surprised, but absolutely delighted, to see this young man be able to tread that line between being a very fierce and effective warrior and at the same time maintaining such a great attitude towards the world. 00:03:03:25 >> VERONICA LOPEZ: It gives me great pride in that I know I did a good job raising them. And the Marine Corps is lucky to have him. 00:03:25:05

You have already worked hard to instill good character and values in your son, daughter or student. When he or she enlists, you gain a partner in further developing that character.

Serving in the Marine Corps can only strengthen the character he or she already has. The best candidates for the Marine Corps come to us with solid values, a sense of duty and the determination to meet any challenge. These candidates are the ones who will succeed as Marines.

For many Marines, religion has been an important part of their upbringing and continues to be during and after service. The Marine Corps welcomes all religious views, and Marines are encouraged to keep and rely on their individual faiths. Many Marines say that their Marine Corps journey strengthened or reinforced their own religious faith.

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