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For Us All


***transcript begins*** Your Marine Corps' way of life is to defend the American way of life. Every day, no matter where we serve, we take a stand. For our nation. For each other. For us all. The Few. The Proud. The Marines. ***transcript ends***
Today and throughout our proud history, Marines have served admirably for our nation, for each other and for us all. This selfless commitment is revealed through the exemplary character Marines exhibit through service every day around the world. This is why the Marine Corps seeks only those who are willing to hold themselves to the highest standards and values.

Our new public service announcement, entitled β€œFor Us All,” is a testament to the honor, courage and commitment that continues to guide our proud Marines in defense of our nation and our way of life.

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Ondrej Pastalka Avatar


Nice promotion video, I like USMC.
The best is Prague castle, Czech republic, Europe at 0:35.
Looks like marines guarding czech president :-)

Posted by: Ondrej Pastalka on 07/21/2011




Eric Smith Avatar


This video is probably on of the best short videos I've ever seen...

Posted by: Eric Smith on 05/31/2012




Aaron Prothe Avatar


This vedio is amazing cant wait until i can become an officer in the marines.

Posted by: Aaron Prothe on 11/19/2012