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Marine Corps Character


00:00:03:15 >> CAPT. JAMES WILLIAMS: Of course it's difficult to be a Marine. If it wasn't difficult, then everyone would be Marines. But the difficulty doesn't necessarily lie in its physical challenges but in the moral compass that must be held very high in order to serve this country. >> LtCOL. CARLTON HASLE: The importance of ethics is the foundation of who we are as Americans and how we define ourselves as Marines. Honor, courage, commitment. We have core values out there that define where we go and how we're supposed to behave. >> DR. BARRY ERDMAN: There's a method to the madness in recruit training. There is a reason on why they're building you up as a Marine. They're trying to instill the discipline, the loyalty, the courage, the camaraderie to work as one unit. >> HANK ROBERTS: It's absolutely critical that the man next to you trusts you and that you trust him. That's integrity. It is absolutely critical that you know what you're capable of doing and stop short of those things that you're not capable of doing. That's confidence. Responsibility is being willing to be accountable for your decisions good or bad. 00:01:03:15 >> ERIC KAPITULIK: But they are making those decisions because they've got that Marine on their left and on their right, their teammate's best interest at heart first. They have the Marine Corps' best interest at heart. They have this country's best interest at heart. And that is just who Marines are. It's what we are. It's what we do, is putting others before ourselves. >> MAJ. JASON SMITH: I think the Marine Corps' brand of leadership is focused on results more than anything else. We hold our self to a high standard. And we expect a high standard from the Marines. But the thing that separates Marine leaders from other leaders--and I'm speaking from a very specific point of view--is that Marine leaders do whatever is necessary to help their Marines achieve the standard. They don't lower the standard so that the Marines can achieve it on their own. They're helping Marines reach the standard that's been set high. 00:02:03:15 >> CAROLYN MINERICH: A sense of self-pride, a sense of initiative, being a self-starter, carrying through to completion, those are all things they teach you. >> MAJ. JASON SMITH: Our sense of character is that when called upon, you're going to do the right thing for the right reasons. And your personal convenience is not going to be one of your motivating factors. You're going to do the right thing for the right reasons, to help your fellow Marine. The Marine Corps could not exist without that sense of character. 00:02:38:10

Our first commitment to Americans is that we Make Marines. This means instilling an unbreakable moral code and a warrior spirit in every Marine so they can honor our mission and our country. The success of the Marine Corps depends on the character of every individual Marine.

Marines recruit America's best: young men and women who have strong values, the determination to rise to any challenge, and a sense of service. Then we build on that foundation to create Marine character that serves our nation, and your son or daughter, for life.

You will be able to see Marine character in your son or daughter immediately after Recruit Training or Officer Candidates School. He or she will have learned teamwork, responsibility, determination and discipline. They will be poised, respectful and proud of their accomplishments.

After your Marine's first billet or deployment, you will see his maturity, perspective and leadership continue to develop. Your Marine will know what it means to pledge himself to a greater purpose.

These qualities will not only bring pride to your family now, but will enable your Marine to better lead his or her own family, community and work colleagues in the future. For the rest of your Marine's life, he or she will be the man or woman you raised them to be: a self-sufficient, capable, determined American.

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