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Salary Information

While training and serving, your Marine will earn a salary comparable to that of civilian opportunities so that he or she can continue to be self-sufficient or care for a family.

Marines receive basic military pay based on their rank and time in service, as do all members of all United States armed forces. Basic pay is set by the government to align with civilian pay rates in the U.S. economy. Marines can expect regular cost-of-living pay increases and raises in conjunction with promotions.

Remember that basic pay is just that: a foundation. Housing, uniform allowances, tax breaks and other benefits comprise the total compensation of a Marine. For more detailed information, talk to your recruiter or Officer Selection Officer.

After 20 years of active-duty service, Marines receive retirement benefits and pension, which enables retirement at an earlier age than most civilian opportunities. Many retired Marines enjoy full civilian careers after service, knowing they have the added financial security of a Marine Corps pension.

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