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Living on Base

After Recruit Training, Marines are stationed at Marine bases throughout the world, depending on the needs of the Corps at the time. On Marine Corps bases worldwide, Marines enjoy the American way of life they protect.

Living on base is much like living in a civilian neighborhood, with convenient schools, day care centers, chapels, medical facilities, recreational facilities and shopping. The bond between Marines and their families creates a tight-knit, community feel.

Although every Marine is entitled to free on-base housing, all Marines do not live on base. Officers or others authorized to live off base can receive a monthly housing allowance. In addition, the Veterans Administration (VA) offers loans for purchasing a home, both during and after service.

Your Marine will be stationed based on his or her experience, military occupational specialty (the term for a Marine's job), and the Corps' needs at the time. Most Marine Corps bases are located on either the east or west coasts of the United States, but there are a few bases and installations in locations like Hawaii and Japan.

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