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>> VERONICA LOPEZ: The benefits that the Marine Corps offers you are amazing. He can go to school. They have a great salary. They have great benefits, medical, dental. They live off base. They have paid-for daycare. I mean, you couldn't ask for anything more. >> GEN. JAMES T. CONWAY: We're putting large amounts of effort, and I might add money, towards trying to enhance quality of life for the families at the bases and stations. And we're just trying to raise the quality of life for our young Marines and their families in general. >> CHRISTINE DOMYANIC: The benefits of having the house, having the health, having the dental, being able to go back to school, spending more time with my children. I love showing them different--different places and different cultures and different parts of the world. The pros outweigh the cons in the Marine Corps. >> SGT. JUSTIN HUSSEY: Because I love coming to work, to do what I do every day, and I look up and look at the future, and at the age of 39 years old, I'll be retired with benefits. I just like how the Marine Corps works. >> CAPT. SCOTT HUESING: The travel and adventure, you know, that sounds like a recruiting poster right there, but it really is a great part of being a Marine, is being able to get out and gain life experiences. 00:01:03:18 >> COL. GROVER LEWIS: The opportunity to work at the Pentagon or to go to the White House or to go to London or any country, all of those opportunities were great. >> CAPT. VICTORIA JENNINGS: Our goal is to educate our Marines to the fullest extent possible. We encourage them to continue classes during their time in the Marine Corps. We encourage them to take classes when they're on deployments. We have various opportunities for them to increase their education, because the smarter the Marine is, it's not only good for themselves, but it's better for the Marine Corps. >> KATRINA LANGLEY: In return for your husband's honor and in return for your husband's sacrifice and in turn for your sacrifice, that you're rewarded exponentially. And it's not just the tangibles, the things that--monetary value. The community that you are living in and the community that you are a part of, the Marines take care of the Corps, but the Corps takes care of the family. 00:01:58:19

Marine Corps benefits ensure that your son, daughter or student can enjoy the way of life he or she defends. We believe that these benefits are justly due to those who pledge themselves to honor and selfless service.

In addition to Marine character and leadership traits, Marines receive a salary, medical and life insurance, education funding, travel and supply discounts and more. These Marine benefits allow each Marine to contribute to his community, family and country.

Marine Corps benefits are comparable to civilian employee benefits, but the total compensation of becoming a Marine is far beyond any other opportunity. The Lasting Character and brotherhood of the Marine Corps is a benefit that can’t be measured, and our commitment to each other is unrivaled. Our motto, Semper Fidelis, maintains that Marines are “Always Faithful” to each other. The better job we do providing for each Marine, the stronger our forces and our ability to serve our country.

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